I am so proud of the CPP Lockdown Learning Case Studies that have been published as part of the CPP National Peer Learning and Communications programme. My role as Communications Manager is partly to facilitate sharing amongst the CPP network members, but I also have a role in ensuring that the learning from the programme gets shared more widely across the cultural sector – and beyond.

These Case Studies were written by Kathryn Welch and are the summation of an intensive period of research and conversation with project leads, participants and partners across the CPP Network. Working on Zoom had an unexpected bonus effect – we were able to commission film-maker Eirene Wallace to put together short films using the Zoom footage and material from the projects to enhance the written case studies.

Read my article about these Case Studies and published in Arts Professional here.

The Case Studies can be found on Culturehive and other learning from the CPP Programme can be found on the Arts Council England’s CPP Learning Library.

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